Women's Maverick X2 Wetsuit Black/Spark / Extra Small ROKA

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Grote foto women maverick x2 wetsuit black spark extra small roka watersport en boten watersportkleding
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Maverick X2
The Fastest,
Most Comfortable
Wetsuit Ever Made
Just Got Faster.

 ● An all-new core XOskeleton™ turns every watt into speed.
 ● 7% more buoyancy puts you in a perfect horizontal swimming position.
Meet the Maverick X2: Swimmers with killer form will love its next-to-naked feel, while developing swimmers will adore the killer power return—up your distance-per-stroke and save your energy. More endurance, more speed, and 7% more buoyant — if you thought we couldn’t make the Maverick X any better, get ready to meet your speed and endurance-enhancing, not-so-secret weapon.


Katie Zaferes
ITU & Superleague
World Champion

Built on the foundation of our game-changing Maverick X, the X2 features all the cutting-edge tech of its predecessor with a few key updates:

 ● New front lateral core panels designed to make your movements more efficient. Snappier. Dare we say, perfect.
 ● 7% increased buoyancy for extra lift in the water.
 ● Fine-tuned ankle release panels to help you kick out faster than ever before.

The re-engineered core design works just like a stiff bike: converting watts straight into speed. And just like cycling engineers keep pushing carbon layups to make stiffer and stiffer race frames, we zoomed in on that core, believing it had the power to unlock even more hidden potential for every level of swimmer.
We used seven different liners to create a revolutionary core exoskeleton; most suits use only one or two. And we invented an entirely new taping technique—only found on the X2—to connect your hips and shoulders. This pioneering mix of design and materials, stiffened up the suit while retaining its natural feel and patented ARMS-UP design.
The result? Maximized power transfer from hips to shoulders and even better stability in the water, with no restrictive, claustrophobic feeling. In other words: You’ll go faster, longer, for the same effort. All in total, luxurious comfort. It’s true: You can improve your swim with the click of a button. (But please keep training!)

Katie Zaferes
ITU & Superleague
World Champion


We focused on the lateral edges around the core from the front around to the lower back, because the lower back is key in maintaining stability while swimming. The resulting breakthrough stiffens the core exoskeleton—we’ll call it our XOskeleton™—without restricting breathing. And when you use your entire core—not just hip flexors and abs—for propulsion and to support body position, your stroke feels easier and more effective. Our new design keeps the belly free, while supporting the core, and connecting the upper and lower body for an all-around boost in efficiency.

Even More Power
& Efficiency
How do you stiffen a wetsuit so it feels truly superhuman—snappier, faster, more streamlined than you are naked—while also feeling, um, naked? With seven different liners, each chosen for its specific stretch profile and placed into the perfect position to deliver on its capabilities. The magic happens when the pattern and liners come together perfectly. That’s what made our patented ARMS-UP technology so revolutionary (we patterned the suit with the arms up—the position you’re in the most while swimming), and the same principle applies to our XOskeleton™. Hands up if you thought those liners were there just for
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